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Learn Spanish. Speak with locals confidently. Discover Colombia

What Makes Us Special

Speaking Focus
We're a Spanish school focused on verbal skills to help you learn and use grammar quickly so you can start speaking in Spanish.
We're the only schools in Envigado and Laureles -- neighborhoods in Medellín out of the touristic zone so you meet locals and live a local lifestyle.
Learn with the help of a supportive community of students, staff, friends, and neighbors. Our Spanish school offers language exchanges and community activities to give you the chance to feel at home.
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We've got it all : Spanish class, activities, 1-on-1, and housing choices.

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Our Community

You're welcome in our community of friendly locals. It's the perfect way to practice what you learn in class. We organize many activities with our students, staff, and volunteers in Medellin.

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Friday Night Language Exchange
Cultural Events in Medellín
Work Exchange

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Do You Need A Place To Stay?

Envigado and Laureles are safe and outside of the tourist bubble, making them the best places in Medellín to study at our Spanish School. Come take a look at the different living arrangements available.

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Dorm-Style Housing
Stay with a Local
Apartment Living
Meet the Team

Meet the friendly Colombia Immersion team! We're constantly working to create the best learning environment at our Spanish school in Medellin.


Spanish Teacher, Laureles


Immersion and Community Coordinator


Spanish Teacher, Laureles


Spanish Teacher, Envigado


Laureles Branch Assistant


Spanish Teacher, Envigado


Laureles Student Coordinator and Human Resources


Spanish Teacher, Envigado


Spanish Teacher, Laureles


School General Manager


Laureles Branch Mascot


Spanish Teacher, Envigado

Luz Marina

Spanish Teacher, Envigado

What People Are Saying About Us

A beautiful, enriching and energetic community to be a part of. Muchas gracias a todos for the amazing Spanish lessons - inside and outside of the classroom. Envigado and Colombia Immersion certainly has a special place in my heart! Much love!

Alice Traveller

The teachers at Colombia Immersion do a great job forcing you to speak in class, and I could not recommend it more! The classes are small and the school does a great job assuring that you are with others of a similar level. The school is very responsive to you and does a great job helping you become comfortable in Medellín. Simply through being at the school, I made several great friends from Medellín whom I will definitely see in the future. Muchísimas gracias para todo!

August Former Student

Great place to learn Spanish! The instructors are amazing and the sense of community at this school is great. I can't recommend it enough. I took 1 month of classes and developed much more confidence in my ability to speak and understand Spanish in a conversational context. The classes are focused on learning conversational Spanish which I found to be perfect because I needed Spanish for travel and to communicate along the way.

Keith Former Student

I’m reading, writing, listening, speaking and understanding more Spanish than ever before. Julio manages to get just the right balance of having an unwavering patience with our group, whilst also consistently pushing our comfort zones!

Becky Former Student

Living and studying at Colombia Immersion in Envigado for a week was a perfect complement to exploring and getting to know the real Medellin.I came to Colombia knowing basic conversational Spanish, having never had a formal class before... totally up-leveled my communication ability and made the time at CI totally worth it!

Ginger Former Student
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We've got it all : classes, courses, 1-on-1, and housing choices.

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