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Top 6 Medellín Salsa Bars


Top 6 Medellín Salsa Bars Salsa is a quintessential part of Colombian culture. You’ll be hard pressed to spend a weekend…
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colombia immersion laureles campus

5 Reasons Why I Chose Colombia Immersion Laureles Campus


Studying Spanish at the Colombia Immersion Laureles Campus is a unique opportunity that is not to be missed during your…
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antioquia's unique coffee culture

Café & Cultura Tour: An Inside Look at Antioquia’s Unique Coffee Culture


Some of the world’s best coffee beans are harvested in Colombia, so why do its people drink some of the…
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best cafes laureles ondas cafe

Top 5 Best Cafes in Laureles to Study in


Laureles is a beautiful neighborhood in Medellin, where residents walk their dogs along the perfectly manicured tree-lined streets, friendly street…
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Detailed Map of Laureles: Everything you need to know


Laureles is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Medellín, and with good reason: it’s full of restaurants, cafés, gyms,…
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Colombia Festivo Calendar 2017


National holidays in Colombia are known as “festivos” or “festivo days”. There are twenty this year in 2017, so it’s…
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6 Colombian Sports You Need To Know


For many people, sports are simply a way to stay at your mental and physical peak. For others, they are a way to…
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8 Colombian Snacks You Need to Try


Colombia has a thriving snacking culture, and mouth watering options await you on every corner. From the fruit-rickshaw drivers that tout…
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Memrise or Duolingo? Choosing the Right Language Application


Changing the Game of Language Learning   Before the advent of mobile applications, learning a new language was an ordeal….
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