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Friday Night Language Exchange

Locals and foreigners join us every Friday from 6:30 to 10:30 for our language exchange. A great group of people who want to practice speaking Spanish and English get together and enjoy beer, food, and games. We facilitate short, 5 minute meeting sessions to help newcomers break the ice.

Educational Field Trips

Join us for field trips of Medellin. This part of our curriculum is meant to share a new perspective on the city's history, culture, and urban development. Medellin is a city of change, and our tours are designed to highlight the most influential transitions in its recent history.

Work Exchange

Work- exchangers from all over the world have dedicated their time to making Colombia Immersion what it is today. Our diverse community and unique program could not exist without their help.

Do you have something to offer our school? If you're interested in volunteering in exchange for a bed or discounted classes, please email us to apply for the program.

Amigos De La Escuela

Meet local friends with the similar hobbies and interests, and practice your Spanish in our 'amigos de la escuela' program. We work with locals who have an interest in languages too!

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