cra 40 # 40d sur - 49 Envigado
land line: 334-7555

The Immersion Challenge

We challenge you to take a step out of your comfort zone: to get involved in the local community and surround yourself with locals. We'll help point you to activities and organizations in the city, and you'll  choose which opportunity to take and how far to go with it.

Join up with a non-profit

Medellín is full of organizations that take volunteers to teach English, help build houses, work with the homeless outreach or organize local events.

Get involved in a local club

Envigado and Laureles are neighborhoods filled with exercise groups, digital nomad meetups, drawing & painting classes, and even an acro-yoga group. You can practice Spanish by joining an activity you already love doing!

Take on the challenge.

All students can get advice and consultation to help them find the local group or organization that's best for them. There are sports clubs, art classes, and more.

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