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The Laureles School

Laureles is the center of modern Colombian life: it’s home to the Estadio Sports Complex, a thriving Salsa nightlife, a multitude of coffee shops and restaurants, co-working spaces, and more. Check out all that there is to do here:

We have a maximum of 6 students per class for personalized attention in a group dynamic.

One of our favorite study spots, Cafe Ondas is a 5-minute walk from the school and the perfect place for a Spanish-study session.

The Laureles School has wifi, free coffee, balconies and a study table.

Definitely check out nearby Cafe Zeppelin. The mix of oversized velvet furniture and exotic greenery make this such a funky yet serene spot to get some work done.

Laureles is the beating heart of the Salsa scene in Medellín with spots like Son Habana, Tibiri, and Estilo Cubano Salsa School.

Make yourself at home in our cozy space. It's the perfect environment for learning Spanish.

We're just one block from Plaza La America, a huge indoor market for shopping or grabbing a bite to eat.

A 10 minute walk from the school are the sports stadium and athletic complex. There you'll find fútbol games, swimming pools, a track, gyms and more.

Getting Here

Take a Taxi
Tell the driver: para "Laureles", el barrio "Los Olivos" por favor.You can add: "una cuadra después de la Plaza Las Americas (a big indoor market).If you're coming from Avenida San Juan, you'll turn right *just before* "La Ochenta". Our school is across from the "canalización" which is a canal with lots of trees and a walking path. One block past Plaza Las Americas (normally you'll see some busses lined up, parked out front), you'll see the school.
Use the Metro
Take the metro to the "La Floresta" station. From there, walk south on "La Ochenta", or "Carrera 80" until you reach "Chancho Brasos" restaurant (it has a giant rusty record player statue out front). Turn to the left, and once you see the tree-lined canal, you'll notice a footbridge to your left. Cross, and make a right, walking about 100 meters before you see our school on your lefthand side, to the right of a wall with purple graffiti on it.
Heads Up!
Google Maps will not show the address of Colombia Immersion Laureles, as it seems to think Carrera 79B is actually Calle 45g. The map below shows where Plaza Las Americas is located. We are one block to the north along what is shown to be Calle 45g, just before the pedestrian bridge
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