Learn Spanish in Medellin

Learn Spanish in Medellin and be a part of a more compassionate world where people can communicate, connect and see the world through the eyes of their neighbors.

We love learning Spanish in Medellin!

Learning a new language can open our eyes and challenge us to see the world from a different point of view. By learning together, we make a journey through the Colombian culture and bring the people of the world closer together. Come with us and learn Spanish in Medellin.

Meet the team:


Spanish teacher


Envigado Student Coordinator 


Spanish Teacher


Spanish teacher




Spanish teacher


Coordinator Cultural Activities 


Manager of Education, Culture & Community



Social impact by learning Spanish in Medellin

As a language school we feel a social responsibility for the communities in Medellin that help us on weekly basis to give our students a wonderful experience.
Helping others to learn and grow is what we love doing!

We support local communities where we take our students to on field trips.
In our last project we surprised the children and families in a local community center in “13 de noviembre” with games to stimulate parents playing with children.

Every week we have free English workshops for children. While their parents have a cup of coffee or tea and chat with students, their children are playing English games with our students.

With Fundación Caminos we support a football team of 15 year olds that are dedicated to their hobby. They get to be in the football team as a reward for going to school each day and to do their homework.

Colombia Immersion

At Colombia Immersion we believe in a more compassionate world where people can communicate, connect and see the world through the eyes of their neighbor. Our Spanish school is a community to learn and live in local neighborhoods, for students that want to learn Spanish while connecting deeply with the Colombian people and culture. Welcome to Colombia Immersion, your community for cultural immersion.

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