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In Colombia Immersion we know what it's like to learn a language.

In our time, we also struggled with language learning because traditional methods of learning didn’t work for us either. Therefore, these methods don't help learners talk confidently and connect with native speakers.


We knew there was a better way to learn.

Our experiences and communication expertise were used to create a deeper and more effective language learning approach.

We didn’t just build a school, we built a community – a place where you can belong to a thriving group that support and help you to get past your challenges of learning language.

Our home base is a comfortable and welcoming environment to learn, connect and also have fun while experiencing the heart of Colombia –most of all the people, the culture and the country- while living in local neighborhoods.

We discovered an  approach that works

You will communicate with locals on a deeper level through our community using our proven speaking-focused course design and interactive approach to language learning.


We've created your home away from home.

We help all kinds of students, of all ages from all over the globe, whether you are traveling through Latin America for vacation, or living and working in Colombia for longer periods of time.

We give you the essential tools to speak confidently so you connect with locals in Spanish countries and as a result, build a lasting new life skill.

Colombia Immersion is your cultural immersion to Spanish.

So, let’s get started!


Meet the Team

Colombia Immersion team is here!

Our staff are an important part of our community and who work hard to create the best learning environment for you.


Spanish Teacher


Spanish Teacher


Spanish Teacher


Spanish Teacher


Spanish Teacher


Customer Service Coordinator


Cultural Activities Coordinator


Laureles Branch Mascot

Maria Fernanda

Spanish Teacher


Spanish Teacher

Maria Fernanda

Laureles Student Coodinator


Manager of Education, Culture and Community


Marketing and Communications Manager


Spanish Teacher


Spanish Teacher




Envigado Student Coordinator

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Colombia Immersion is your cultural immersion into Spanish.

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