Studying Spanish at the Colombia Immersion Laureles Campus is a unique opportunity that is not to be missed during your time in Medellin. But with so many language schools and different parts of Medellin to explore, why chose Colombia Immersion’s Laureles Campus?  I’ve got 5 reasons for you right here!

1. The Ideal Locationcolombia immersion laureles campus

Just a 10 min walk from the Floresta metro station and a 15 min walk from the Estadio metro station, the Colombia Immersion Laureles Campus is in a prime location within Medellin. Not only do the nearby train stations make for easy access to anything within the city, but there’s so much near the Laureles Campus just by walking. You’ve got La Setenta (Carrera 70) which is a 1 kilometer stretch of road packed with restaurants, bars and clubs, as well as a whole slew of cafes with healthy, vegetarian options nearby too.

colombia immersion laureles campus

Enjoying a vegetarian menu del dia at Uno Mas Uno.

The main soccer stadium is also within walking distance where you can catch the craziness of a Colombian football match, which I’d say is a must during your time in Medellin.

colombia immersion laureles campus

Nearby Estadio Atanasio Girardot hosts Medellin’s biggest football games.

After class it was so easy to get a study session in at one of my favorite cafes, then meet up with friends to go salsa dancing at one of the amazing salsa clubs nearby later in the evening. The location of the Laureles Campus is seriously ideal.

colombia immersion laureles campus

Son Havana is certainly a favorite salsa bar among Colombia Immersion Laureles students.

2. The School Itself is Beautiful

colombia immersion laureles campus

Beautiful artwork of the “Feria de las Flores” is seen all over the Laureles Campus.

The building that the school is in was once a house which they turned into multiple different classrooms and common areas – and it’s beautiful! They hired a local artist named Carolina to hand paint the bold and beautiful mural on the first floor of the school and they have artwork created by local artists all over the walls of campus which are available for purchase.

colombia immersion laureles campus

The first floor common area where students gather for coffee before class or during break for a snack.

Not only does it add such beauty to the campus walls, but it also involves the local art community and exposes their work to all the foreigners that come to the school. They also have photography of the famous Flower Festival in Medellin all over the walls, which is called “Feria de las Flores,” and takes place every August. The artwork has inspired me to return to this beautiful city this summer so that I can witness it firsthand! The three levels of the Laureles Campus renders so much natural light and offers such a bright and airy space for students to learn in.

colombia immersion laureles campus

Art by a local artist on the walls of the Laureles Campus.

colombia immersion laureles campus

The bright and colorful welcome foyer of the Laureles Campus.

3. The Welcoming and Safe Feeling of the Neighborhood

colombia immersion laureles campus

View from the third floor balcony at the Laureles Campus.

Laureles is a neighborhood filled with friendly residents, lots of cute dogs, perfectly manicured landscaping and lots of small green parks scattered about. Honestly, I never saw people working on the shrubbery and plants lining the streets of this neighborhood, but all of the grass, trees, and flowers were always perfectly trimmed and beautiful!

colombia immersion laureles campus

The perfectly maintained grass and shrubbery of Laureles.

I felt so safe walking around this neighborhood by myself and I was often met with smiling faces and “Buenos Dias!” or “Buenas Tardes!” while walking down the street. As a foreigner just starting to learn Spanish, I thought I would feel very intimidated, but it was the exact opposite; I felt so welcomed and comfortable here. A few minutes down the road from campus is Plaza de Mercado La America, where you will find hundreds of vendors selling fresh squeezed juices, local favorites like arepa con queso and lots of fresh fruits and veggies. This is a local market, and when myself and some other foreign students would go here during our break from class, the locals and vendors would welcome us with smiles and were always happy to chat with us. My friend Katy even became friends with some of the vendors!

colombia immersion laureles campus

I got a juice from this street vendor every morning! He was so friendly and was happy to practice Spanish with me!

4. The Awesome Events Offered Through Campus

colombia immersion laureles campus

Enjoying the graffiti and the epic view from Comuna 13, a tour offered by Colombia Immersion.

One of the many special things about Colombia Immersion is the events they offer through the school. Every event is designed to connect students with locals, learn about the culture of Colombia and Medellin alike, and to apply the language skills you learn in class. On my first day of attending Colombia Immersion at the Laureles Campus, I went on a graffiti tour to Comuna 13, and it was an amazing way to kick-off my three weeks here!

colombia immersion laureles campus

Elephants are a huge symbol of Comuna 13. Go on the graffiti tour offered through the Laureles Campus to find out more!

On the way to Comuna 13, they gave us notecards with some important history about the barrio we were about to visit, as well as some keywords in Spanish that would help us understand our Spanish speaking guides better. I was nervous I wasn’t going to understand anything on the tour, but I was able to pick out the words I had just learned from the notecards and understand many parts of the tour. For anything I had questions with, a Colombia Immersion staff member was able to translate, but they really emphasize learning through immersion.

colombia immersion laureles campus

Being silly and enjoying a mango & lime homemade popsicle from “Cremas Censuelo” with our awesome tour guide, Alejo.

I also attended the chocolate tasting event offered at the Laureles Campus, where a master chocolatier came to campus and led us through the entire chocolate making process. I’d say the best part was the chocolate tasting (which was amazing), but my favorite part was actually making friends with Juan, a local who attends Colombia Immersion events to practice his English.

colombia immersion laureles campus

Learning some new vocabulary to describe all the chocolate!

We ended up meeting up outside of school multiple times throughout my time in Medellin for our own little language exchanges. I just absolutely love how this program facilitates relationships between students and locals, which for me, added incredible value to my experience here.

colombia immersion laureles campus

Watching a master chocolatier in action at the Laureles Campus!

colombia immersion laureles campus

The activity wall at the Laureles Campus!

5. The Perfect Accommodation Nearby

Another reason I loved attending Colombia Immersion at the Laureles Campus was because of the awesome accommodation offered nearby. I split my time between two hostels that I absolutely adore for different reasons, and I’d recommend either of them while attending Colombia Immersion, depending on what you’re looking for. They are both extremely affordable and are located very close to school, which of course makes staying at either of them super convenient.

Yellow House Hostel

colombia immersion laureles campus

I was welcomed by those two little furry guys every afternoon!

Staying at Yellow House Hostel is more like staying at your own home than staying at a hostel. The oversized comfy couches in the living room are so inviting and the two resident golden retrievers lazing about the house give it such a homey-vibe.

colombia immersion laureles campus

Such a comfy and quiet home to come back to at the end of a long day!

It’s also extremely quiet and the perfect place for anyone looking to come home to peace and quiet and get some studying or homework done. The owner, Vincent, is so nice to have a chat with, and he offers his guests a beautiful complimentary breakfast spread each morning. I really loved my quiet and relaxing stay here.

colombia immersion laureles campus

Every morning Vincent put out fresh fruit, coffee, tea, eggs, fresh Colombian cheese, cereal and toast for his guests to enjoy.

Ondas Hostel & Cafe

colombia immersion laureles campus

Ondas Hostel has the most relaxing and charming rooftop I’ve been on!

If you’re looking to meet people from all over and connect with like-minded travelers in a really cool chilled-out vibe, Ondas Hostel is definitely for you. This place is designed and decorated so thoughtfully with gorgeous little details like hand painted art on the walls and tires repurposed as planters and patio furniture.

colombia immersion laureles campus

How great is this repurposed tire seating area?

The first floor is the cafe which still has tire marks on the floor from when the space used to be a garage. They’ve repurposed the space into a hostel with so much character, and overall, it’s a super welcoming place. The owners Kit & Sam offer events through their hostel like language exchanges, trivia night, and digital nomad meetups to really create a global community. I really loved getting involved in the events they offered as well as enjoying the chilled-out, but upbeat energy of this place.

colombia immersion laureles campus

They serve up delicious 100% Colombian coffee at the Ondas Cafe.


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