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Workaway Host of the Month

Workaway Host of the Month

 Workaway Host of the Month

Have you ever wondered how long-term travelers finance their trips? Or, how to escape the tourist bubble and get involved?

Travel is less expensive than you think! Travelers can save, stretching their funds, largely thanks to organizations like Workaway. These establishments help travelers connect with organizations around the world that offer free accommodation in exchange for a few hours of work a day.

When our team decided to build a language school, we decided to recruit volunteers so that we could open. We could not have succeeded without our volunteers. Some of the many projects they have taken on are include the following.

  • Photographing staff and events,
  • Leading us through a branding workshop
  • Writing blog posts,
  • Maintaining the website, and
  • Organizing tours and other activities.

We have the honor of being named Workaway Host of The Month! Of thousands of hosts worldwide, Workaway chose to showcase our school as a great example of what a difference cultural exchange can make to travelers and to hosts.

We are so lucky to have talented volunteers from all over the world helping us to make an awesome program for our students. A big thank you and hug to everyone involved!

You can read our full interview with workaway here.

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