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The Difference between IR and IRSE in Spanish | Infographic

The Difference between IR and IRSE in Spanish | Infographic

What’s the difference between saying “me voy para Colombia” and “voy a Colombia?”.Even native speakers have difficulty explaining the difference between ir and irse in Spanish, but it’s really pretty simple: These are two totally different verbs with distinct meanings.

The verb irse means “to leave” and the verb ir means “to go”. This infographic clearly shows the difference between ir and irse in Spanish.

How to use ir and irse in Spanish


When talking to native Spanish speakers, you may be surprised to find that they won’t know how to explain the difference between these two Spanish verbs.

That’s especially true in the usage listed in the last example: “Me voy a Colombia”. Here are two similar examples:

  • “Me voy al restaurante”
  • “Se va a su casa”

These sentences often simply get translated as “I go to the restaurant” “He goes to his house”, but in fact, the act of leaving from  a “point A” is implied by using “irse”.

 Conjugation of ir and irse in Spanish

Now that you have a basic idea of how to use these two verbs, let’s look at how to conjugate them. It’s pretty simple:

Present tense conjugation of IR:

  • Yo: voy
  • Tú: vas
  • Él/ Ella: va
  • Nosotros: vamos
  • Ellos/Ustedes: van

Present tense conjugation of IRSE:

  • Yo: me voy
  • Tú: te vas
  • Él/ Ella: se va
  • Nosotros: nos vamos
  • Ellos/Ustedes: se van

This looks a lot like a reflexive verb, doesn’t it?

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