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learn spanish medellin

Meet Arjun: his journey to learn Spanish in Medellin

At Colombia Immersion, we pride ourselves on being student-focused. That’s why we’ve created a student profile series that will give you…
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learn spanish medellin

Meet Audrey: The Spanish learning experience of a lifetime

learn spanish medellin

Meet Virginie: Her take on our Spanish program in South America

This “Meet Our Students” series is a way to say thank you to those who have come through our Spanish…
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El Cocuy Complete Guide

Guide to El Cocuy National Park, Boyacá, Colombia

Workaway Host Colombia Immersion, Spanish School in Medellin

Workaway Host of the Month

 Workaway Host of the Month Have you ever wondered how long-term travelers finance their trips? Or, how to escape the tourist bubble…
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