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Barranquilla Carnaval: Basic Visitor’s Guide 2017


Colombia Festivo Calendar 2017

National holidays in Colombia are known as “festivos” or “festivo days”. There are twenty this year in 2017, so it’s…
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8 Colombian Snacks You Need to Try

Colombia has a thriving snacking culture, and mouth watering options await you on every corner. From the fruit-rickshaw drivers that tout…
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Colombian Peace, Havana, FARC

FARC – Colombian Peace Agreement Reached in Havana

Today, Latin America takes one step further on the path to Colombian peace. After 52 years of violence and nearly four…
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A Visitor’s Guide to Colombia’s Natural Regions

  Due to massive differences in climate and geographical characteristics, Colombia is divided into five natural regions: the Andes, Caribbean, Orinoquia, Pacifico…
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Workaway Host Colombia Immersion, Spanish School in Medellin

Workaway Host of the Month

 Workaway Host of the Month Have you ever wondered how long-term travelers finance their trips? Or, how to escape the tourist bubble…
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