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Immersion 2


Cultural immersion is the part of our methodology where your language skills will come to life. Through our cultural activities, language exchanges, field trips, homestays, language coaching and other activities, you’ll have the opportunity to practice and apply your new Spanish skills in real life contexts.

In our Full Immersion Program, language coaching, field trips and cultural activities are included in your class price.

Staying with a local host

The option to stay with a local host gets you out of your backpackers mode and right into the middle of the real Colombian lifestyle. Come live with a local here in Medellin that has opened their home to students interested in getting the full "Paisa" experience.

All of the hosts that work with us are within walking distance to one of our schools.

You'll mark this preference when you register for classes and we will organize the rest from there.

Cultural Activities

Monday through Wednesday we offer cultural activities, that are included in your tuition fee. You’ll learn about Colombian culture, practice your Spanish, and also get the chance to interact with locals. These activities blend learning with fun, bring the Colombian cultural to life and consequently provide a unique opportunity to practice Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere.
Make sure to register on time, because we often limit the amount of participants!

Language Exchange

Many locals and foreigners join us every Friday from 6:30 to 10:00pm for our language exchange in Envigado. A great group of people who want to practice speaking Spanish and English get together and enjoy beer, food, and games.
We hold icebreaker activities every Friday at 8pm so that you’ll have an easy start getting to know new people and practicing your brand new skill.

Field trips in Medellín

In this part of our curriculum we share another perspective on the city's history, culture, and urban development. Medellín is a city of change, hence we designed our tours to highlight the most influential transformation in its recent history.

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