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Housing choices to fit your lifestyle

Our school housing gets you out of the tourist bubble and into the middle of the real Colombian lifestyle. All of your choices are within walking distance to one of our schools, and give you the option to live with locals, share a flat with travelers, or save money by staying in dorm housing.

You'll mark your preference when you register for classes and we will organize the rest from there.

Stay with a local

Come live with a local here in Medellin that has opened their home to students interested in getting the full "Paisa" experience.


- Wifi
- Laundry Machine
- Television
- Kitchen
Host families provide students with a private room that is fully furnished and a shared bathroom.

Private room, shared bathroom: 350.000 COP per week

Stay one month or more and pay 300.000 COP per week

Hostel Living

Live, work, learn, and play in a hostel in the neighborhood. Staying walking distance from the school is a great way to connect with a community of language learners and travelers. These hostels are your ideal home-away-from home in Medellin while you study Spanish with us.


- Wifi
- Kitchen
- Housekeeping
-Living space

approximately 175.000-225.000COP / week (school days incl. weekend; may vary slightly by provider)

pictured: Hostel Ondas; 5 minutes walking from Colombia Immersion Laureles

Private Apartment Housing

Stay in an apartment near the school. We work to connect you to a variety of living options. Rooms are rented out individually, so you'll often be sharing a living space with other travelers, many of whom also study at the school. The apartments are all furnished, can be rented by week or month, and each is unique.


- Private Rooms
- Close proximity to the school of your choice (Envigado or Laureles)
- Private bathrooms available
- Rent by week or month

Prices vary by provider, ranging from 230.000COP/wk - 250.000COP/wk.

Need a Place to Stay?

Drop us an email and we can sort out the rest!