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Learning Spanish in the digital age: Top 12 websites


Learning Spanish in the digital age: Top 12 websites

Now and then, we all reach that point: enrolled in a Spanish learning process only to feel overwhelmed by the…
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Why you need a community to learn a language: Your Guide

Why you need a Community to learn a Language: Your Guide Languages strongly connect people from all over the globe….
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laureles insiders guide

Best Neighborhood in Medellin? Laureles Neighborhood Guide

The Laureles neighborhood is widely loved by travelers, and rightly so, since it’s named one of the best neighborhoods in…
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5 Reasons Why I Chose Colombia Immersion Laureles Campus

Studying Spanish at the Colombia Immersion Laureles Campus is a unique opportunity that is not to be missed during your…
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best cafes laureles ondas cafe

Top 5 Best Cafes in Laureles to Study in

Laureles is a beautiful neighborhood in Medellin, where residents walk their dogs along the perfectly manicured tree-lined streets, friendly street…
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