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We have two schools; one in the Envigado neighborhood and the other in Laureles.


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1. Fill out the Registration Form

After we receive your registration, we'll get in touch within 48 hours, unless it's a weekend in which case we will respond when we open back up the following week.

Note: Regular class registrations are accepted until 12:00pm the Thursday before your class begins. After that, you should come to the school Monday at 8:00am for a placement test to see if you fit in an existing class. We are able to accommodate the majority of last-minute student registrations.

2. Complete a verbal Placement Test

After registration, we will reach out to do a Skype Leveling Test to determine your level of Spanish. You can also stop by the school in person if you're already in town.

If you sign up late and there's no group class for your level that week, we'll offer you private classes of the same value.

Eager to take your placement test? Just shoot us an email to schedule!

3. Get started with your classes!

Come in Monday at 8:00am for morning classes or 1:00pm for afternoon classes. You'll take care of your placement test, meet your fellow students, and get ready to jump in! We do an orientation walking tour from 2:30pm to 3:30pm.... don't miss it!