Our ability to speak by using a language is what enables us to communicate our emotions and desires to each other effectively. Besides, language has quality of distinguishing nations and countries around the world as they are deeply rooted in the culture of the region they belong to. However, the ease of transportation has resulted in an increased interest in traveling, which in turn has exposed people to a wide range of languages and cultures. Avid travelers are also seeking to learn major languages like Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, etc. Languages also gain popularity by being widely used on social media, for example by reading romantic French phrases on Facebook or Instagram, people develop interest for learning the language.

Spanish is a second most spoken language in the world which has resulted in an increased interest of people in learning Spanish. Being able to speak Spanish exposes us to more career opportunities. Here are six keys that will help you learn Spanish faster and eloquently:


Set Your Goal:

You cannot start something in a vacuum. You have to be sure of how and to what an extent you want to learn something. Similarly, when planning to learn Spanish set your goal as to how much you want to learn it either for your own good, for professional opportunities or for any other purpose. Setting your goal will make it easier for you to execute your plan of learning Spanish. Many people prefer learning Spanish in Colombia because the region is known for hospitable natives, which will make you feel more connected to the language, thus making it interesting to learn.


Join Spanish Learning Schools:

To be honest, learning a second language is not easy until and unless you start using it in your daily life. Joining a school will provide you with a perfect learning environment, as the trainers can use different strategies to make you learn the language effortlessly. Moreover, for further practice watch Spanish movies to enhance your listening ability as an outcome of which your speaking skills will be improved.


Choose a Perfect Place to Connect to the Native Speakers:

By interacting with a native speaker, you also learn to pronounce the words correctly. Colombians are known for their perfect Spanish accent, therefore, prefer to learn Spanish in that region preferably from cities like Medellin. Colombian natives, in Medellin in particular, have very clear accent and can be easily understood which makes it a best place to learn Spanish. Besides, the city is a popular tourist destination, which makes it safe and have abundant affordable accommodation options and transportation system. The more you use a language, the more you will be able to remember and speak it effortlessly, just as the proverb ‘practices makes a man perfect’.



It is a fact if you keep imitating something constantly, it becomes your habit. Similarly, by interacting with native speakers or by watching Spanish movies you can master to speak Spanish accurately. For example, you can go to any restaurant in Medellin and order your food in Spanish, small activities like these will contribute to your learning process.


Using your phones: 

The smartphones allow you to download the best android apps like tandem and dictionaries that will help you learn Spanish. You can type the word in your language and get it translated into Spanish. Besides, the android apps allow you to practice your grammar and writing skills by providing you with a number of worksheets. You can practice your Spanish speaking skills by subscribing to various YouTube channels that give free lessons for learning the language. Using your phone as a learning tool is the most convenient option these days.


Testing Yourself:

Keep testing yourself after learning something new. You can find online practice tests to check how much have you learned. If you want to test yourself in a fun-way, you can play games relating to the Spanish language. Moreover, the Spanish language schools in Medellin have well-trained staff for teaching you the language and then testing your language learning skills.


Following these guidelines, you will surely learn Spanish in a better and faster way. You can enjoy visiting exotic places in Colombia that offer you diverse landscapes like mountains, beaches, juggles etc. Besides learning a new language works as a catalyst to fasten cognition. Moreover, learning another language increases your job opportunity particularly in Colombia, as the natives have more acceptance for the foreigners which makes a person feel at home. Learning Spanish will give you an insight into the new culture and provide you with a new vantage point to understand the Spanish customs. Consider learning Spanish, by following these easy tips and enjoy this new exposure to Spanish culture!

Colombia Immersion

At Colombia Immersion we believe in a more compassionate world where people can communicate, connect and see the world through the eyes of their neighbor. Our Spanish school is a community to learn and live in local neighborhoods, for students that want to learn Spanish while connecting deeply with the Colombian people and culture. Welcome to Colombia Immersion, your community for cultural immersion.

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