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Terms & Conditions

Extending Classes

Our classes fill up fast and that means for our current students that it’s not always possibility to extend your stay.

Therefore we want to make you aware of the following:

  • The amount of classes that you've registered for is the amount of weeks that we initially book you for in our planning.
  • When you arrive, the amount of weeks that you pay for will be the amount of weeks that you're booked in our planning.
  • If you want to stay longer, please let the student coordinator know in advance, so that we can let you know if we have availability.

If you extend your stay and there’s availability, your payment is due on Friday at 2 pm. If you haven’t paid by Friday at 2 pm, we cannot keep your spot open and it might be given away to someone else.

Our class schedule

What people love about us are our small-scale schools and personal attention. We do everything possible for people to keep enjoying this vibe, but this also means that we have limited space available. We schedule our classes as follows:

In the MORNING (9 am - 1 pm) we regularly schedule:
- beginners and intermediate levels,
- intensive group classes (20 hours per week)

In the AFTERNOON (2pm-4pm / 4pm-6pm), we regularly schedule:
- advanced levels
- semi-intensive classes (10 hours)
- private classes

For you, this could mean that if you start in as a beginner in a 20-hour morning group, you will reach a point (depending on your starting level) that your classes will be scheduled in the afternoon.

We will communicate with you in advance what your schedule will be.

Festivos (national holidays)

Colombia has between 20 and 24 festivo days throughout a year. On festivo, people don’t work and many shops are closed, and all universities and schools (private and public) are closed as well. A festivo day almost always falls on a Monday (with some exceptions).

On a festivo day there won’t be class and the week will have 4 days of class. When you pay for your classes, the student coordinator will tell you how many festivos there are during your stay and these days (1/5th of the week price) will be deducted from the price.

For Full immersion counts: you will get 1/5th off your class price and you will receive 4 hours of coaching during a festivo week. The field trip regularly won’t be canceled in festivo weeks.


We love it when people are dedicated to learn Spanish!

Therefore you will receive 5% discount on your classes as of the 3rd week and 10% discount as of the 5th week. If you become a Spanish learning junky and stay longer than 6 weeks, you’ll receive a Colombia Immersion gadget the week after.

If you decide to leave and come back later (or the next year), your discount will still apply.


How to pay

Colombia Immersion accepts payments in credit card (preferred), or cash.

Group classes are bought per full week (exception can only be decided by Colombia Immersion), private classes in packages of 5 hours or 10 hours.

When To Pay

When you’re a new student, you pay your classes on the second day of class before 9 am. In case you’re not happy with your experience the first day, you can leave without having to pay. Truth has to be said that this hardly ever happens, but we like to give you the freedom to decide for yourself.

Please come in on time the second day so that you can complete the payment before your class starts.

When you’re a continuing student, your payment is due on Friday at 2 pm. See also the chapter for extending classses.

Last Minute Registration

Due to high demand, we advise you to register several weeks in advance.

If you decide to register last minute (after Wednesday 12 pm before the desired start date) we will do everything possible to organize a level test for you and to find a place for you in our schedule, but this is not always possible. You will receive the next steps to book your classes.

Insufficient Class Size

The minimum amount of students in a group-class is 2. If there’s one single student for a certain group class, the class will either be canceled or converted to a private class for half the amount of hours, depending on what the student prefers.

  • 20 hours group class will be converted to a 10-hour private class for the same price
  • 10-hour group class will be converted to a 5-hour private class for the same price

Cancellation by students

Canceling class

We strongly recommend not skipping classes (group classes). Our students progress a lot during the week, and missing one day means a delay of the course for all students. If there is a wish/need to skip a class, please be aware that there won’t be any refunds or discounts given.

Private classes

  • There will be no refunds if you decide to skip a private class.
  • If the student arrives more than 30 minutes late without advance notice, the class will be canceled without refund.
  • Any kind of cancellation of private classes needs to be done 24 hours in advance. Cancellations within 24 hours won’t be refunded.

Group classes

  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes late on your first day of class without advanced notice, we reserve the right to give away your spot to last minute registration. Please plan to arrive on time on Monday morning.

Canceling coaching

We are very flexible if you want to change or cancel your scheduled coaching, but we are flexible up till 24 hours in advance.

Coaching not be canceled for a refund or changed in the schedule if done LESS THAN 24 HOURS in advance. Please know that our coaches plan their time around the scheduled coaching. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, you will NOT get a refund, and the coach will get paid for this hour.

NOTE: this especially counts if you write down your name less than 24 hours in advance (for example on a Monday). Once your name is in the schedule we call the coach for you immediately and payment is due immediately. You CANNOT cancel or change this coaching hour.

Discontinuing classes that are paid for

We know that travelers love to maintain their freedom and flexibility and this is one of the reason that we’ve developed a transparent pricing. This means that you can pay per week, get all the discounts that correspond to studying longer with us and at the same time have the flexibility to stop any time if your plans change.

You are of course welcome to pay multiple weeks in advance, but know that if you decide to change your plans, we can’t refund you the paid amount.

Teacher Illness

When the teacher is ill, the school is responsible for finding a replacement. If finding a replacement is impossible, the class will be canceled and students will be reimbursed.

In case of rescheduling/cancellation or any other change, you will be contacted by the Student Coordinator (not the teacher) of the school. Note that only the Student Coordinator can organize changes.

Taking a break from class

The weeks you pay for in advance are the weeks you’re registered for in our schedule. This means that you cannot change this week for another week out of the sudden for two reasons:

  1. We’re keeping a spot for you available in our schedule and often this means rejecting someone else for this spot. If you decide to study 4 weeks in a row with us, you cannot decide to not come for a week and assume you can change this week for another week. If you decide to not come for a week without notifying us a week in advance, you won’t get a refund for that week.
  2. The group that you’re in will continue with the planned topics. If you take a week vacation you cannot continue in the same group; The group will be one week ahead of you and we only put people the same level in the same class so that you can get most out of your learning. Please talk to a student coordinator if you decide to do this and what the options are.

(Ex)changing products

Exchanging products is only possible if the products have the same or lower price and ONLY if there’s availability to do so.

Products that are inter-changable are:

  • 20 hours group classes for 10 hours of private classes (only on initiative of the school, not on the students initiative)
  • 10 hours of group classes for 5 hours of private classes  (only on initiative of the school, not on the students initiative)
  • Field trip for coaching (only for specific cases)

The school will be in contact with the student about class changes. The student can discuss a desired field trip for coaching change with the student coordinator and can only be granted if there’s availability.

Coaching in the Full Immersion Program

If you are in the Full Immersion Program you will get 4 hours of language coaching per week included in the package. Please note that you have 4 hours every week and you cannot:

  • accumulate coaching hours
  • transfer them to the next week.

Only the school can decide to transfer an hour per student to the next week in case a situation presents itself in the school, but students can not. You will lose the coaching hour if it’s not taken in the week it belongs to.