What makes Envigado special?  Well, in 2015, Colombia’s Department of National Planning released a document which placed Envigado among the top-three best places to live in Colombia. We’re confident that its budding cultural spots have something to do with it:  Envigado is truly an authentic Colombian neighborhood with an abundance of “menu del dia” restaurants, charming sidewalks, parks and music from your neighbor’s patio.

We went on a mission to find the best cafes in the area for studying the Spanish language (while fueling yourself with delicious coffee and food).  So, check out these five best cafes in Envigado.


Cocolatte Café

Address: Calle 30A Sur #44A – 13, Envigado

Cocolatte Café is nestled in the heart of the beautiful Buena Mesa street, a 10 minute walk from Parque Envigado.  Upon arrival, you´ll immediately feel the warm and inviting atmosphere.  Cocolatte specializes in high end coffees and teas, with a few food options as well.

envigado-coffee-shopsCocolatte, compared to other Envigado coffee shops, specializes in high end teas and coffees

After you order a coffee, be prepared to have one of the wait staff bring over an intricate contraption and explain to you where the coffee came from, how it was brewed and why it has the delicious taste it does.  There are two tables outdoors available to soak up the Medellin sun or an adorable nook upon entry.  Since the café is located on one of the prettiest and most popular streets in Envigado, you´ll also have several options to grab a cold ice cream or eat at delicious restaurants after your coffee.   A personal favorite of mine is Chiclayo (a Peruvian style restaurant) is located just one block away.

envigado-coffee-shopsMy favorite nook

2. El Café de Otraparte

Address: Calle 27 Sur #43a61, Envigado

If you are looking for a café filled with history, greenery and art – look no further than Café Otraparte.  This café is connected to the Casa Museo Fernando González, which was once home of the Envigado-born writer and philosopher.

The entryway to Otraparte. Follow to sign to the cafe behind this house.

You can sense the history and pride while sipping your latte.  The cafe itself resides behind this museum.  The seating area is plentiful, surrounded by a lush and green atmosphere.  There are also a few tables inside, try to snag one of those if you know you will need a power source for your electronics. Otraparte goes above and beyond with its menu selection ranging from a classic cheese plate to pasta with lamb.  We also enjoyed a few of the classic coffee options with a little Baileys or Whiskey, perfect for those late night work sessions.

Find this charming foundation as you enter the cafe.

3.  Juan Valdez Café

Address: Calle 36d # 27a – 105, CC City Plaza, Local 176

Juan Valdez is a chain with locations worldwide, but is most popular here in South America.  In Colombia, you will find several locations scattered throughout multiple neighborhoods in Medellin, including Envigado.  There is a reason this chain has grown tremendously, the coffee is delicious and consistent.  Be sure to look for the signature red banner and logo, making this café easy to spot.

If you’re interested in cruising to Poblado for a cup of joe, one of the chain´s main location also borders the popular Parque Lleras in El Poblado

4.  De Lolita (La Frontera Mall)*

Address: Cra. 43 A No. 18 sur 174Medellín – Colombia

Located in the bustling “La Frontera” strip mall, this café is the ideal coffee stop between errands.

A view from outside the lovely De Lolita cafe

Pick up tonight´s dinner at Carulla grocery store across the way, hop on a bus burrowing down Poblado Avenue and grab some cash for the weekend at the ATM located next to De Lolita.

This café does have a full menu and we particularly enjoy their hearty salads dressed with delicious mangos. ¡Qué rico! This café is conveniently located on Avienda 43 (Poblado Avenue) so hop on the local bus and be back at Colombia Immersion in 20 minutes.

*This café is technically one block outside the boundaries of Envigado but we couldn’t help but add it to our list.

5.  Panadería Eduardo Madrid

Address:  No. 45A-, Cl. 31 Sur #45a22, Envigado, Antioquia

The literal meaning of “Panadería” is a bread shop and you will find many located throughout Envigado.  The traditional “Panadería” offers a variety of breads, coffees and pastries.

A majority of them do not have internet, but I did come across one that can’t be missed! Located right off Buena Mesa in Envigado, it’s hidden beyond the many lovely restaurants in the area.

Their selections of desserts are out of this world.  I was also able to get a traditional Lox and Bagel here!  After you´ve loaded up on carbs and chocolate, head across the street for a quick workout at the outdoor gym.

Is your favorite Envigado coffee shop missing? Leave us a comment and we will be sure to add it to our list!

Colombia Immersion

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