Six Medellín Salsa Bars you need to dance at!

Salsa is a quintessential part of Colombian culture. You’ll be hard pressed to spend a weekend in Medellín without feeling the clave rhythm and witnessing the dizzying turns (vueltas) of experienced dancers. While it can be intimidating to step on the dance floor with people who move so effortlessly, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 Medellín salsa bars according to our beloved Colombia Immersion students.

6. El Eslabón Prendido

This classic salsa bar located in downtown Medellin is one of the best places to enjoy live salsa music in Medellin.  Located down an alley a stone’s throw away from Parque del Periodista, it’s a small, unimposing bar that gives you an authentic taste of Colombian salsa.  While the space does tend to get cramped and hot on busy nights, it more than makes up for it with the energy that imbues the place.  There is no shortage of dancers to try out your moves with and locals are very friendly and will happily agree to practice both Spanish and dance with you.  We recommend going on the weekend nights when a live band plays.

Medellin Salsa Bars

Friendly regulars will help with your salsa step and your Spanish skills.

El Eslabon Prendido Facebook

Address: Calle 53 Nª42-55 Medellín Eslabón

Contact: (4) 2393400

5. Son Havana

Son Havana is another bar that often offers live music.  It’s particularly known for Cuban-style of salsa and some of the best dancers around are often found within its walls.  The place is a little bigger than some of the other venues on this list making it a little easier to scope out a place to dance.  We recommend going on Wednesdays when the bar offers free salsa lessons although on the weekends you can often find a live band playing!

Medellin Salsa Bars, salsa dancing in medellin, son havana

Close to our Laureles School, Son Havana is a must see while in Medellín.

Son Havana Facebook

Address: Carrera 73 # 44-56 (esquina) Medellín

Contact: (4) 5869082

4. The Social Club

To have an unforgettable Friday night, the Social Club is the place to be. Located under the Aguacatala bridge and therefore somehow adventurous to find, it catches the perfect vibe. On Fridays, the best dancers of the city join the Social Club to have a hot night with Salsa, Bachata, Kizombo, Porro and Merengue.

Fridays, 10 pm-2pm.

Facebook: socialclubacademia

Adress: Calle 12 sur # 48-01, Local 102., (Rotonda Interna Aguacatala)

3. El Tibiri

Commonly referred to as a “sauna”, this underground Salsa bar is hot, steamy, and filled with dancers with real talent. You’ll find it’s small dance floor often packed with couples dancing, but don’t be surprised if everyone suddenly empties out the dance floor: you’re probably about to witness a live salsa show.

Medellin Salsa Bars, el tibiri

Hot, sweaty salsa at El Tibiri

El Tibiri Facebook

Address:Cl. 44b #703, Medellín, Antioquia

Contact: 310 8495461

2. El Cuchitril

Literally and perhaps metaphorically ‘underground,’ El Cuchitirl features an intimate environment perfect for busting your new moves. The best part? There is no cover, the crowd is friendly, and it is located in La 70 – an ideal spot for bar-hopping. The place opens on the weekends.

Medellín Salsa Bars, el cuchitril

Chandeliers, red lights, and a groovin’ band. What else could you ask for?

El Cuchitril Facebook Page

Address: Calle 10 con Guayabal Medellín 57

Contact: 313 7456349

1. Estilo Cubano

This dance school has two locations (Just like Colombia Immersion!) — Envigado and Laureles– and two free dance practice nights per week, making it the best option for the serious dance student to learn and practice how to dance Salsa.

Estilo Cubano Facebook Page

Address: Calle 35 #66A 98, piso4, edificio San Francisco, Medellín 050030

Contact: (4) 3222548

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