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Why do people enjoy studying Spanish with us so much?

Our approach to learning is very different from any other Spanish school in Colombia. We involve the local community in what we’re doing, so that your Spanish learning will go much easier and faster than elsewhere. Because of the combination of our unique in class approach, cultural activities and community involvement, you can be certain that you will be a Spanish speaker in no time.

Curious about learning Spanish with us too?

Come and be part of our mission to connect with people, the culture and the language.


Speaking Focus

A combination of theory with an equal amount of practicing and applying is what makes our Spanish school effective.


Challenge yourself and reach your daily quota of culture and language practice!


Make new friends and practice your new language skills in real life contexts with native speakers.

Speaking focused Spanish classes

 Our Spanish school methodology combines theory with practice and culture. You don’t only take Spanish classes, you’re part of a community that gives you many opportunities to practice the language and get immersed in the Colombian culture. Whether you participate in our popular Full Immersion program, that includes extra practice and a cultural field trip, or any other program, you are in charge of your experience.

Experiences of past students at Colombia Immersion

  •   ~The communal aspect of Envigado, and to a lesser degree Laureles, is an underrated aspect of Colombia Immersion that can’t be stressed enough and which I believe puts it head and shoulders above any school in Poblado. (full review below)~ I had the absolute pleasure...More

    thumb KeegAspelu
  •   I want to start off by saying that I very much recommend this school. I am giving 4 stars because I believe the school has room for improvement. The good news is that during my time I definitely witnessed evidence that the school not only...More

    thumb KevlarPeters
  •   Sometimes in life, you get lucky. With Colombia Immersion (CI), I got very lucky. I was backpacking South America and while in Argentina I created a Workaway profile. Shortly after my profile was posted, Gloria from CI wrote to me about volunteering at the school....More

    thumb jpburke81
  •   I picked Colombia Immersion based on the reviews here. In fact, I chose to travel to Medellin to attend this school. At first, I kept my expectations low despite the positive reviews, but boy were they true! I studied at the Envigado school with the...More

    thumb scottparque
  •   We spent the first two weeks of a three-month trip at Colombia Immersion. We could not have picked a better place to land in Medellin, both to learn Spanish but also to explore this fascinating city with students and staff who became friends. The team...More

    thumb rhkiss
  •   If you're looking to learn Spanish, or just practice your skills, you can't find a better city to base yourself than Medellin. The Spanish spoken here is clear and the people are so friendly. Colombia Immersion is a fantastic place to learn. I have been...More

    thumb Tiffany W

Meet the people of Colombia Immersion


Our secret? That’s easy: our amazing team with the best Spanish teachers in town! Our teachers are all trained in-house to make their students reach the best results. Our classes are speaking focused, and each teacher adds their own unique style to their classes. Come and experience it yourself.

Cultural Immersion

Cultural immersion is the part of our methodology where your language skills come to life.

Through our cultural activities, language exchanges, field trips, homestays, language coaching and other activities, you’ll have the opportunity to practice and apply your new Spanish skills in real life contexts. Our community is ready to help you practice as much Spanish as you want!


Friday Night Language Exchange

Daily Cultural Events in Medellín

Work Exchange

Colombia Immersion

At Colombia Immersion we believe in a more compassionate world where people can communicate, connect and see the world through the eyes of their neighbor. Our Spanish school is a community to learn and live in local neighborhoods, for students that want to learn Spanish while connecting deeply with the Colombian people and culture. Welcome to Colombia Immersion, your community for cultural immersion.

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